January 23, 2023

Organization Directory

Some organizations have expressed interest in providing their expertise and are open to collaborating. You can find their information below and reach out to them if interested!

#1 Quebec – Engineering Firm 

Groupe Genius, QC 

Contact information:  

Annie Gosselin, Ing.f., Ph.D., Director of innovation and sustainable development
Tel.: +1 (418) 905-3743
Social media: Linkedin and Facebook.  


Groupe Genius is a professional engineering services firm, meaning that we carry out design projects for building structures and civil engineering. We also have in-depth expertise in engineering recommendations for the installation of screw piles. We also have expertise in the design of prefabricated and modular buildings. 

It should be noted that our engineers work in the same office as an architectural firm (Quanta architecture), which allows us to carry out projects in integrated design when appropriate. This collaboration makes it possible to accelerate the production of deliverables and thereby optimize projects and reduce design bills. 

The mission of our company is to reduce the carbon footprint and the cost of buildings. As a result, we are an innovative firm and have the reflex to advise our clients on the opportunities to adopt low carbon practices and technologies, as well as on the economic impacts of decisions taken at the project design stage (and not only once at the construction stage). 

We currently have several mandates with the Cree Nation Council in Chisasibi (including the airport and a food center (grocery store)). For the airport, we are developing a concept of easy-to-install roof panels that will speed up construction schedules and reduce the number of employees needed. Our company includes an Innovation and R&D Division to develop services, products and technologies when relevant. For Nordic projects, we believe that a methodology should be developed to support clients upstream of projects in order to ensure their feasibility. We are currently developing a form of contract allowing a different mode of remuneration. These contracts will probably also include support for clients to plan, negotiate and conclude agreements with contractors and suppliers upstream of construction projects. 

We also have experience working with First Nations (Crees, Atikamekws and Algonquins) and are aware of the challenges of carrying out construction projects in northern Quebec. 

Looking forward to discussing this further with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. 

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