September 14, 2022

Presentation: Towards Creative Mixed Use – Innovative Approaches to City Building

By Evergreen

Community Solutions Network

Overview about the Community Solutions Network presented at the “Towards Creative Mixed Use – Innovative Approaches to City Building” Innovation Workshop on September 13, 2022. 

Infrastructure Institute along with Evergreen and the Community Solutions Network partnered to deliver an innovation workshop on how communities can build partnerships, navigate local land use models, and use technological tools to expand creative mixed-use developments.

Through an experiential case study, this workshop provided an opportunity for municipalities, Indigenous communities, and municipal networks from across Ontario to connect, share, and ask questions around how to adopt creative mixed-use practices and approaches. This workshop may also be of interest to academics and subject-matter experts.

Creative mixed-use buildings have emerged as an innovative approach to develop significant affordable housing alongside other critical social infrastructures that are at the heart of thriving communities. Creative mixed-use buildings blend large scale public, private and non-profit spaces in the same building, and provide an opportunity for municipal leaders across the province to build more dynamic, inclusive and affordable cities.

Examples that have been built to date include: schools, recreation centres, and fire stations with affordable housing up above; and market condominiums co-located with homeless shelters. 

The Network is designed to help communities build service area capacity and improve the lives of residents using data and connected technology approaches.

For more information on our upcoming events and opportunities for communities please contact:

Chelsea Carss
Senior Manager Outreach and Partnerships, Evergreen

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