February 16, 2023

Rachael Cardiff

Consultant. Resource industry; Training; Housing Manufacturing Plants; Northern development; Advocacy

Rachael Cardiff, Consultant, has worked in Northern and Indigenous communities spanning her entire career. She has worked within the resource industry sector, and has considerable experience in the geographical, political, socio-economic characteristics of areas and communities in Northern Canada. Rachael has worked with and for a variety of First Nations, development corporations, and Indigenous non-profit organizations, and has extensive circumpolar contacts specializing in northern development.  Rachael has co-authored 5 year capital plans for First Nation communities in Yukon and has knowledge of trades training and housing manufacturing plants operating throughout North America. She has worked with housing committees on policy and understands the stresses First Nation communities are facing with housing needs. Rachael splits her time between Victoria, BC and Yukon, and has an in-depth knowledge of the unique social and political landscapes of both places.   

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