September 27, 2023

Ramtin Attar

Co-Founder & CEO, Promise Robotics | Location: Ontario

Ramtin Attar is the CEO & Co-Founder of Promise Robotics; a venture-backed AI startup on a mission to enable the building industry to harness automation to exponentially increase the supply of sustainable housing. Promise Robotics is the first company to offer ready-to-deploy industrial robotic systems powered by Promise’s proprietary cloud-based AI software platform that manages the entire production lifecycle from planning to manufacturing operations. Using its proprietary cloud-based software system, Promise Robotics manages automation as-a-service to free customer focus on home building. Prior to founding Promise Robotics, Ramtin was a Distinguished Research Scientist and Head of Autodesk Technology Centre in Canada. During his 13-year career at Autodesk, he led the development of core technology visions and strategies, including Autodesk Moonshots in Industrialized Construction, Homebuilding, and Autodesk’s new AI and robotics activities in EMEA. A technically savvy CEO, Ramtin is also an inventor and holds multiple patents related to BIM, IoT, Digital Twin, Robotics, and Simulation technologies. 

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