September 27, 2023

Ron Struys

Real Estate and Finance Consultant | Location: Ontario

Ron Struys has almost 45 years of experience in all aspects of the real estate business including land development, construction, contract management, asset management, financing and sales.  This work has occurred in Canada, United States, Trinidad and Tobago, India, Antigua and Bermuda. 

His broad experience allows him to provide real estate advisory services at both the macro and micro level.  He is able to bring together insights about: 

  1. Market realities of commercial, residential, hospitality and retail projects;
  2. Government planning approvals including content and timing;
  3. Financial, legal and general contract management;
  4. Information about development and construction scheduling, budgeting and programming.

His experience includes the development and construction of 19 non-profit housing co-operatives totalling 1,350 units. 


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