Potential partner

August 14, 2023

Serotiny Group

Contact: Ivan Vasyliv | ivan@serotiny.group Preferred language of communication: English

Canada’s housing crisis requires rapid, industrial-scale solutions. Serotiny Group is formed to provide integrated end-to-end solutions for design and construction, leveraging prefabricated modular building systems and focus on decentralized manufacturing. We are a license partner of European timber-hybrid system (CREE), who has developed technical and operational know-how, patents, and utility models for systematized production of prefab buildings using a decentralized delivery model – free from large-scale manufacturing constraints.

Serotiny and CREE are developing the first pilot project in Toronto at 1925 Victoria Park. This project will be the tallest mass timber and most sustainable project in the city. We partnered with the City to adapt the system for the Canadian code and climate. We also established a network of regional suppliers, fabricators, logistics, and assembly partners. As a result, Victoria Park will be the fastest example of prefab construction in the city.

Our pilot project is focused on the future. By standardizing design, engineering, and fabrication, we aim to deliver multi-site housing projects. We plan to establish a centralized hub for supply and logistics to manage our network of suppliers and fabricators and coordinate just-in-time delivery to multiple sites. We believe this delivery method can provide a solution for building affordable housing quickly. 


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