December 1, 2020

Spotlight: Housing Innovation e-Booklet: Scaling innovation in affordable housing across Canada

By Evergreen

Access to safe, stable and affordable housing underpins social and economic inclusivity and is essential to Canada's sustained economic growth and competitiveness.

Future Cities Canada developed Spotlight: Housing Innovation, a series of events and research to support the scaling of innovation and impact within affordable housing as part of Future Cities Canada: Unexpected Solutions.

Spotlight: Housing Innovation showcased exceptional contributions to affordable housing innovation across the country. Selected applicants demonstrated their innovative solutions through a virtual Showcase of successfully scaled models, an immersive Scaling Workshop led by cross-sectoral experts from across the country, and Scaling Innovation Webinars to broaden networks and potential partnerships.

This e-Booklet is a platform to showcase the innovations of the successful participants and contributors to the program. It is also a report that captures the insights, challenges and opportunities to further support and scale the impact of innovation in affordable housing moving forward.

The three sections of this report include:

1. Innovation Profiles: one-page profiles of all twelve participants and presenters. These profiles capture the unique innovation that the projects have achieved and how they have scaled their work

2. Scaling Strategies for Innovation: an overview of the strategies that the participants employed in the process of scaling their work

3. Opportunities for Scaling Innovations in Affordable Housing: the emerging program ideas that can be leveraged to support scaling and deepen the impact of innovation in affordable housing work and beyond

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