November 30, 2023

The Future Fix: Preventing Extreme Heat Disaster

By Evergreen and Spacing Radio

The Future Fix is a podcast created for the Community Solutions Network

Predicting where, when and how disaster will strike, including extreme heat events, involves a lot of data and some great tools.

With climate change leading to more frequent and more extreme climate events, predicting the next disaster and planning for it is essential. In many areas of the country, that means using data to anticipate extreme heat events, and give communities time to prepare.

Dr. Ryan Reynolds is the researcher behind Resilience Mapping Canada. Reynolds uses data and other tools to help communities prepare for climate events, extreme heat, flooding, and more.

Barbara Roden is mayor Village of Ashcroft, British Columbia. Ashcroft is actually a designated desert, so the community must be especially prepared for extreme heat events. To that end, they developed the Heat Alert Response Plan. For a small town, this presents challenges, but the village is embracing it. As Roden says:

“People like the fact that we’re taking these steps, we are prepared. They just like to see their local government anticipating these things and being proactive, rather than reactive.”

Listen to the episode to hear more about planning for extreme heat.

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Preventing Extreme Heat Disaster


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