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August 14, 2023

Tier 5 Building Solutions Ltd.

Contact: Stephen Thorne | Info@Tier5Building.ca Preferred language of communication: English

Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) has many of the housing supply challenges that exist in other parts of the country, including low productivity, rising material cost, inconsistent quality, less than optimal energy efficiency decisions, and higher than required embodied carbon. In addition, NL has the additional challenge of a highly dispersed population that, in many cases, live in difficult to access locations with short “construction” seasons, particularly in Labrador.

What NL does not have is a construction company focused on advanced solutions to these issues including offsite construction practices that bring factory quality, productivity, waste reduction, and competitive pricing. This is the mission of Tier 5.

Leading Tier 5 is Grant Cooper of Cooper Custom Homes and Stephen Thorne of Transfer Energy Ltd. Grant has a degree in Economics, is a red seal carpenter, 15 years of residential construction experience, and is the chair of the CHBA’s National Technical Research Committee. Stephen has a degree in engineering, 18 years of international Oil and Gas project management, and a background in industrial efficiency. Via Transfer Energy, he has been deploying high impact technologies into the NL residential construction industry for several years. He volunteers his time as a member of CHBA-NL, Stella’s Circle, and Task Force NL boards. 

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