Potential partner

August 14, 2023

TinyBox Inc.

Contact: Oliver Zhang | oliver@gotinybox.com Preferred language of communication: English

A rapidly-deployable panelized home with built-in off-grid systems

– Our TinyBox combines the speed and labour-efficiency of prefab with the benefits of low capital, easy shipping, and no specialized equipment requirements.
– Our R-60 insulation, net-zero solar, 95% water-saving system, and off-grid sewage bioreactor contribute to affordability rather than increasing costs.
-We build small spaces that feel big, thanks to multifunctional furniture that transforms a room into a full-size bedroom, kitchen and office.

We’re a team of builders passionate to learn about customers’ lives (spoken to 100+ potential residents to co-design their future homes) and iterate swiftly based on that feedback (prototype completed within months).

We’ve built a solution of modular panelized tinyhouses, which leverages a multitude of existing factories (supplier partners) to maximize scale and minimize costs.

TinyBox can be implemented anywhere, even on unbuildable land, reducing costs and increasing supply. This flexibility enables us to assist students, low-income urban residents, Indigenous communities, those impacted by Airbnb, and the homeless. We’ve already begun building relationships with community partners in these groups. 


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