Potential partner

August 14, 2023

University of Regina

Contact: Mohammad Khondoker | Mohammad.Khondoker@uregina.ca Preferred language of communication: English

Like many other industries, 3D printing is also advancing the construction industry. In this project, based on our expertise, we propose to develop a 3D printing solution that offers rapid construction of affordable housing which can equally be utilized in remote communities where the housing supply faces many challenges. Due to its technological nature, our construction method offers rapid production of building structures with minimal material waste. Not only that, but the supply chain network of our solution is also considerably shorter than that of traditional construction techniques. Moreover, our solution is unique in designing carbon-neutral geopolymer concrete through a circular economy. The proposed material will use sawdust from mill residues as fine/coarse aggregate with other industrial by-products such as granulated blast-furnace slag (GBFS) and fly ash (FA). This material is proven for lightweight, superior strength, thermal insulation, and durability but was not utilized in 3D printing before. Led by academics from the University of Regina, partnered with 3D Space Terraform, this proposal constitutes scientific research to facilitate implementation. 

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