August 8, 2023

Application Development & Evaluation FAQ

ATTENTION: The Stage 2 Deadline for the Northern Access Round has been extended to Thursday, October 12 at 5pm Eastern Time. Please keep this in mind as you review resources on the Community Solutions Portal as they may reference previous timelines for Stage 2 deadlines.

-How should we assess our Solution Readiness Level in Section 3.2 of the Stage 2 Application

Section 3.2 is intended as a self-assessment to demonstrate to the evaluators that you understand where you are at the end of Stage 2: Incubation, and how you are going to get as close as possible toa fully operationalized solution (Solution Readiness Level 9) by the end of the Stage 3: Implementation Phase. You may refer back to your workplan, and risk template to reference any specific deliverables or mitigations your team has planned.

-Is the Milestone template required at this stage?

The Milestone template is not required for your Stage 2 Application, but you may reference it to develop your workplan and budget. If your team is successful in moving into Stage 3 you will be required to complete this document in relation to your Contribution Agreement.

-Does the evaluation panel have accessibility requirements that applicants should keep in mind when preparing materials?

Shortlisted applicants do not need to make any accessibility accommodations for the evaluation panel.

-What should you include in of the application as intellectual property? 

Intellectual property doesn’t just cover things that you have patented or officially registered, it covers all original creations including ideas and anything that you hold copyright over. Include in the register anything your team has produced over the course of the incubation period in support of your project. This might include things such as websites, apps, reports, proprietary technologies and datasets, “trade secrets” or frameworks and models that you are developing. If you incorporated the intellectual property of a third-party into your solution (e.g., data, knowledge/ideas, multimedia, etc.) include those in the register as well and label them as such.

-Is the Stage 2 submission going to be reviewed by an external panel or internal staff? How big is the panel and how many people?

Submissions will be reviewed by an external panel of experts. There are currently a total of 14 reviewers and their bios are posted on the Impact Canada Portal.

-How do the file limits work? What is the maximum I can upload?

The maximum file size for uploads is 16MB. While PDF files are preferred any document type is acceptable (docx., jpeg, xlsx, pptx, html, etc.). You can only upload when the application allows you to do so, as not every part of the form has an upload option. In the case that uploads are larger than 16MB, for example a video – upload it to YouTube and create a private link – for everything other than videos, make sure attachments are smaller than 16MB. If you have any issues with uploading a document, please contact CMHC or Evergreen.

Examples of different documents that may be uploaded alongside your Stage 2 application are: proof of insurance, templates – work plan, budget, risks, letters for northern and remote partnerships, and letters of support. While this list is not exhaustive, its purpose is to provide some guidance as to what documents should be uploaded with your application.


Where can we provide supporting documents such as previous budgets or workplans in our application?
You may submit additional documents after Section 2.2 in the Optional Upload (supporting materials) section of your application. Please keep in mind that Evaluators will be able to allocate up to one hour to review these materials, so we recommend uploading only supporting material that is vital to the context of your Stage 2 Application. You may also create a summary or snapshot of key items or achievements. Note, the Impact Canada Portal does not accept multiple files per upload section, so please combine your supporting materials into one PDF document. The maximum file size for uploads is 16MB. If you would like to upload a video, please use another hosting platform (e.g., YouTube) and provide a private link in the PDF (the Application Form cannot support video uploads).

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