Activity Book

August 25, 2023

Nature Allies Activity Book

Cover of Nature's Allies Activity book


Sometimes it’s hard to know what we can do to take care of nature, but this guide will help us.

Nature is powerful and resilient! It bounces back from all sorts of things, from natural disasters to just about anything we humans throw at it. But just like for us, things are much easier when there are people in our lives who believe we are important and care for us, especially when we are experiencing times of change, when we are sick or when we need a helping hand!

Nature is experiencing a time of change and challenge right now: Climate change is impacting our weather and natural landscapes, and new plant and animal species are popping up, while others are disappearing.

Join Evergreen in taking on the role of a Nature Ally – someone who believes nature is important and is there to care for it! These activities will help you learn about the special species around you, how you can connect to natural spaces and actions you can take to protect the environment. By becoming a Nature Ally, you can be a scientist, adventurer and protector! Thank you for doing this important work with us!

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