September 19, 2022

Northern Access Round Stage 2 – Applicant Support Check-in

By Evergreen

October 2022 – August 2023

The Support Program team will conduct three separate check-ins with each team to assess how we can better support you throughout Stage 2 of the Northern Access Round.

Each check-in will focus on a key topic:

  • Check-in #1: Intros & the Year Ahead, October 2022
  • Check-in #2: Progress & Advisory Services Prep, February 2022
  • Check-in #3: Refinement & Preparation for Stage 2 Deadline, July 2023

These check-ins will inform future workshop development, advisor procurement, and improve 1:1 support with teams.

We are currently completing our second round of Applicant Support Check-ins. This time we will be calling Team Leads to check in, talk through your progress in 2023, and share relevant Support Program updates and resources. Please keep an eye on your phone & inbox while we complete these calls between February 1-10. If we are unable to reach you, we will try again later in the month. Please keep an eye on the newsletter for more details.

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