November 28, 2023

Progressing to Resilience: A Climate Risk and Resilience Self-Assessment Tool

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by Evergreen

for the Community Solutions Network

A toolkit on how to assess climate risks in your community and adopt measurable actions to build resilience.

Communities across Canada are actively working towards increasing resilience and adapting to the expected (and unexpected) future impacts of climate change. However, the steps, capacity, funding, and resources to act across the country are not equitably distributed.

This toolkit aims to provide communities with baseline information, assessments, and resources (online tools, guides, and funding opportunities) to help build resilience in their communities today and in the future.

Contents include:

  • Tool 1: Disaster Resilience Primer, Self-Assessment and Resilience Resources
  • Tool 2: Better Understanding of the Community’s Willingness and Resilience to Address Climate Change
  • Tool 3: Capital Resources and Funding Avenues for Climate Resilience

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