Research Brief

October 11, 2023

Climate Resilience for Municipalities in Canada

Agronomist using tablet computer collect data with meteorological instrument to measure the wind speed, temperature and humidity and solar cell system in grape agricultural field, Smart farm concept

By Evergreen

Smart tools and innovations can be leveraged by municipalities to build local climate resilience

Drawing from international and national research and initiatives, this brief presents an overview of Canadian efforts toward climate-resilience including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Using internationally recognized definitions from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the brief also showcases practical and local-level case studies in Canada that highlight the role of data and technology in climate resilience and concludes with a roadmap to guide the process of incorporating resilience in municipal planning in Canada.

Contents include:

  • Acknowledgement of Indigenous Lands and Treaties Across Canada
  • Understanding climate resilience
    • Climate resilience and technology
    • Climate resilience and Canada
    • Climate resilience in-action
  • Case Study 1: Climate Resilient Home Tool (Edmonton, Alberta)
  • Case Study 2: Resilience to Riverine Flooding (Grand Forks, British Columbia)
  • Smart climate resilience planning
  • Climate change is a threat multiplier
  • Resources for smart resilient planning
  • Glossary

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