Research Brief

November 29, 2023

Smart Creative Mixed-Use Approaches for Climate Resilience

mixed-use residential neighbourhood with community centre and green space, aerial photo.

by Evergreen

for the Community Solutions Network

These case studies showcase creative mixed-use projects with climate resilience at the forefront - from prioritizing energy efficiency to nature-based elements.

This introductory research brief builds on Evergreen’s research brief How to Leverage Underutilized Municipality-Controlled Real Estate to Create Vibrant Communities (March 2023). It is intended for leaders in communities in Canada who are interested in creative mixed-use and how smart, climate resilience can be embedded within creative mixed-use approaches.

This brief provides an overview of creative mixed-use approaches and the benefits of
co-location. With practical case studies throughout, the brief examines the benefits of proactive co-location development, the funding opportunities with mixed-use projects and key tools and techniques necessary to make such an approach successful. Smart tools and innovations are highlighted that support the planning and monitoring of creative mixed-use projects as well as elements that can be implemented to improve climate resilience.

Case studies include:

  • Dogwoods Net-Zero Mixed-Use Building in Squamish, British Columbia
  • mâmawêyatitân centre in Regina, Saskatchewan

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