October 26, 2021

Innovation Toolkit: A community resource for data and technology projects

By Evergreen

Many Canadian communities are starting to include smart technology in their planning. As smart technology becomes more accessible and affordable, and with digital literacy levels rising across Canada, more community members are ready to participate in smart community projects.

In this innovation toolkit, we will draw on the experiences and lessons learned by three communities that participated in the Smart Cities Challenge. This toolkit shares their stories of planning and implementation so communities across Canada can better support their own journeys with data and technology projects.

The tools we will offer:

1. The Challenge Statement Process Map will help drive further analysis of the
problem you are facing and the assumptions you have, revealing new insights
into what your community needs are and clarity about common goals.

2. Partnerships for Impact Checklist will help you take a step back and assess
whether the partnerships under consideration for your project are aligned with
your community’s values. It will also push you and your team to take stock of
who is sitting around the table, and what perspectives might be missing.

3. The Scaling Impact Task Flow exercise asks you and your team to think deeply
about how your project will impact residents, and the enablers and barriers
that exist in your community that might affect your ability to implement your
project at scale.

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