October 12, 2022

New Shared Mobility Solutions: A Practitioner’s Toolkit

Cover Image of New Shared Mobility Solutions Toolkit featuring smiling white woman and smiling black man on e-scooters

By Evergreen

The first in a suite of toolkits under the theme of Reimagining Public Spaces

The New Shared Mobility Solutions toolkit is designed to support you and your team in exploring the world of shared mobility options and benefits, along with key considerations to keep in mind for your own context. It includes easy-to-understand tools for you to work through and act upon as you work towards shared mobility solutions. These tools cover three main themes:

1. The what and why of shared mobility

2. Options for shared mobility

3. Principles for success with shared mobility

This toolkit is best used in the early stages of considering shared mobility solutions in your community. It can be helpful in framing your long-term mobility strategies, as well as building on strategies you already have in place. It is most useful to work through with your team and key stakeholders collaboratively, bringing in a range of perspectives to build alignment and understanding. It is also important to involve your community members in these early stages, as they will become the future customers of any new or adjusted service. You will want to find authentic ways to understand their needs, priorities and preferences, as well as their concerns.

The Reimagining Public Spaces toolkits are intended to help communities move forward in some key aspects around public spaces, and to realize the benefits. This toolkit, first in a suite of four, provides a simple starting point for communities to explore innovative approaches for public spaces, to accelerate their potential to meet the unique challenges of their own context, and to better address the diverse needs of all.

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