October 27, 2022

My Future Home: Global Report

Young child greets mom at the entrance of their home

By Evergreen

An overview of insights and aspirations shared by youth, newcomers, and older adults on their future housing needs.

The insights shared over seven ‘My Future Home’ sessions show that for most, desired housing futures involve key considerations beyond the physical house, condo, and apartment.

My Future Home Global Report: More than Four Walls illustrates that across the spectrum of youth, newcomers, and older adults, desired housing futures are modest in the physical sense. Individuals want affordable housing, as well as accessibility to green spaces, amenities, and community. In short, a better housing future is affordable, equitable, and supports accessibility and strong communities. Getting to a more just housing future requires more collaboration to scale and connect pockets of successful solutions across Canada.

“We heard overwhelming agreement that housing should truly be a basic right as it is a building block for health, success, and community vibrancy.”

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