What is Future Cities Canada?

Future Cities Canada is a collaborative platform that harnesses the momentum for change already in progress in cities.

Who we are

We’re creating a future where cities are equitable, regenerative and prosperous—Flourishing cities where all can thrive.

  • Equitable: Where social and economic inequalities are eradicated, and opportunity and access are inclusive and accessible to all.
  • Regenerative: Where improving the state of the natural environment is the aim.
  • Prosperous: Where economic opportunities are abundant for everyone.

Realizing the potential of Cities, together.


Finding new ways to accelerate innovation to transform cities of the future.

Faced with continued population growth and accelerating climate change, it is more important than ever for communities to rethink how we build, manage, and use our urban spaces


Solving the complex challenges we face, together.

We believe that not one organization alone can do this. We are a diverse and growing network of partners, collaborating across Canada and across sectors to find solutions that make our communities thrive.


Building capacity and scaling solutions across Canada

Our programs connect city builders and innovators to the resources, tools, tested solutions, and people required to build capacity and enact change in all communities—big, small, urban, rural, remote and northern

A group of people sitting in a circle having a conversation

Convening leaders and innovators to tackle the most pressing issues facing cities.

Our annual Future Cities Canada Summit, convened by Evergreen, brings together urban thought leaders, private and public sector innovators, and community leaders to showcase the what’s next in resilient communities.

What we do

We work across sectors to build the necessary capacity, connect across sectors and move new ideas into action.

We work across sectors to build the necessary capacity, connect across sectors and move new ideas into action.

The groundwork for Future Cities Canada began in 2018 when Evergreen and McConnell Foundation came together on the We Are Cities campaign. We engaged thousands of citizens, asking them to imagine an agenda for the future of our cities. In the end, five priority areas for action were recognized.

A subsequent report, Towards a Civic Commons Strategy, revealed the need for a collaborative infrastructure to catalyze inclusive urban innovation for our cities. It became clear we needed Future Cities Canada.

With founding partners the McConnell Foundation, TD Bank Group, Evergreen, Maison de l’innovation sociale and Community Foundations of Canada, and an ever-growing network of partners, this collaboration provides the required infrastructure for us to collectively imagine our future, focusing on four areas of urban innovation:


How can we develop new ways to align public, private and philanthropic resources to advance inclusive, low-carbon growth?


How can we test and scale new approaches in carbon reduction and resilience planning, forge private-public sector relationships to commercialize clean urban technologies, and build community partnerships to create a thriving civic commons?


How can we advance hybrid collaborative governance, foster more nimble cooperation among public sectors, industry and civil society, and grow an evidence base to support city-government innovation?


How can we scale new modes of civic engagement, and build a greater capacity for local governments and communities to participate in problem solving


Learn, connect and engage with other community leaders.


The best information to help you turn bold ideas into innovative solutions.

Meet our team


Geoff Cape


Geoff Cape is the founder and CEO of Evergreen, a national not-for-profit creating cities that are livable, green and prosperous. Geoff comes to his work with a forward-looking systems approach, developing innovative plans that move the levers of urban sustainability and resilience across Canada.

Orit Sarfaty


Orit Sarfaty is Chief Program Officer at Evergreen. Orit’s work is guided and informed by the organization’s overarching goal: to drive urban innovations that make Canadian cities more livable, green and prosperous. She provides oversight and direction to Evergreen Brick Works as well as Evergreen’s placemaking efforts across Canada.

Lois Lindsay


Lois Lindsay is Acting Advancement Officer at Evergreen. Lois brings deep institutional memory to her work, as well as a breadth of experience in program design and management, strategic planning, and fundraising.

Sara Lyons

Community Foundations of Canada

Sara Lyons is Vice President, Strategic Initiatives for Community Foundations of Canada (CFC). In her role, Sara’s focus is on driving CFC’s strategy, partnerships and leading key areas of focus for the organization, such as settlement, youth, reconciliation, and social finance.

Jayne Engle

McConnell Foundation

Dr. Jayne Engle is program director at the McConnell Foundation. Jayne has worked globally at the intersections of city planning and revitalization, urban policy innovation, collaborative governance and social change.

Patrick Dubé

Maison de l’innovation sociale

Patrick Dubé co-director of MIS Maison de l’innovation sociale, an organization dedicated to developing social innovation capabilities and the emergence of social entrepreneurs in Quebec. Patrick has supported organizations in the development of their creative and innovative practices.

Our partners